Hello. This is Chen Shi.

My photo Email cshi1993@g.ucla.edu
Office 595 Charles Young Drive East, Geology 6697
Los Angeles, CA 90095

I am now a postdoc at Department of Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences, UCLA.

My advisor is Marco Velli and my research focuses on solar physics, especially topics on solar wind turbulence and magnetic reconnection.


  1. Oblique Tearing Mode Instability: Guide Field and Hall Effect, Chen Shi, Marco Velli, Fulvia Pucci, Anna Tenerani & Maria Elena Innocenti, 2020, ApJ, 902, 2
  2. Propagation of Alfvén waves in the expanding solar wind with the fast-slow stream interaction, Chen Shi, Marco Velli, Anna Tenerani, Franco Rappazzo & Victor Réville, 2020, ApJ, 888, 2
  3. Fast Recursive Reconnection and the Hall Effect: Hall-MHD Simulations, Chen Shi, Anna Tenerani, Marco Velli & San Lu, 2019, ApJ, 883, 172
  4. Marginal Stability of Sweet-Parker Type Current Sheets at Low Lundquist Numbers, Chen Shi, Marco Velli & Anna Tenerani, 2018, ApJ, 859, 83

  5. Onset of fast magnetic reconnection and particle energization in laboratory and space plasmas, Fulvia Pucci, Marco Velli, Chen Shi, et al., 2020, Journal of Plasma Physics, 86(6), 535860601
  6. Tearing Instability and Periodic Density Perturbations in the Slow Solar Wind, Victor Réville, Marco Velli, Alexis P. Rouillard, et al., 2020, ApJL, 895, 1
  7. The role of Alfvén wave dynamics on the large scale properties of the solar wind: comparing a MHD simulation with PSP E1 data, Victor Réville, Marco Velli, Olga Panasenco, et al., 2020, ApJS, 246, 2
  8. Magnetic Field Kinks and Folds in the Solar Wind, Anna Tenerani, Marco Velli, Lorenzo Matteini, et al., 2020, ApJS, 246, 2
  9. Exploring Solar Wind Origins and Connecting Plasma Flows from the Parker Solar Probe to 1 au: Nonspherical Source Surface and Alfvénic Fluctuations, Olga Panasenco, Marco Velli, Raffaella D'Amicis, et al., 2020, ApJS, 246, 2
  10. The Geometry of an Electron Scale Magnetic Cavity in the Plasma Sheet, H. Liu, Q.-G. Zong, H. Zhang, et al., 2019, GRL, 46
  11. Turbulence and Particle Acceleration in Collisionless Magnetic Reconnection: Effects of Temperature Inhomogeneity across Pre-reconnection Current Sheet, San Lu, V. Angelopoulos, A. V. Artemyev, et al., 2019, ApJ, 878, 109

My Notes

  1. Lecture slides: Tearing Mode Instability in Magnetohydrodynamic Current Sheets
  2. Material derivatives of the line, surface and volume elements inside a fluid
  3. Frozen-in theorem of MHD fluids
  4. Proof of Klimontovich equation
  5. Characteristics form of the equation for an adiabatic neutral gas
  6. Generalized Ohm's Law of a plasma
  7. Hall MHD and the whistler/ion-cyclotron waves
  8. MHD equations derived from Vlasov equation
  9. Derivation of the governing equation for 2D Kelvin-Helmholtz instability
  10. Basic concepts on turbulence and introduction to Kolmogorov's theory